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Friday, 14 February 2014

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I've spent the afternoon in the shack having a tidy up and a general sort out, having made a mess setting up my new Icom IC-7100 (more on that later).  To test the radio I thought it would be a good idea to get WSPR up and running, as this was something I could leave unattended whilst I got busy with the dustpan and brush!

In a hurry, as always, I quickly configured WSPR to to use the audio in from the Icom, tuned the rig to 7.038.60 and set the software off logging.

Next on the agenda is to see if I can configure WSPR to transmit as well as receive, however I'm quite happy with the results this afternoon, I seem to be picking up more stations using the IC-7100 than I did using the IC-706, so that's good.

I'll try and leave the rig running over night, but the winds are due to pick up here later on, so I might be forced to lower the antennas.  Again.


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