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Monday, 16 June 2014

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As an early birthday present to myself, I purchased a few radio related items from Martin Lynch, one of which was the AVAIR AV-201 SWR and Power Meter.  I already own an AV-400 for VHF and UHF SWR measurements, adding the AV-201 now allows for HF measurement.  Both units are identical to each other, bar the model number, so look good in the shack next to each other.

Out of the box, the AV-201 is well packed in a bubble wrap sleeve which contains the main unit shrink wrapped in plastic.  Also included is an instruction sheet and a DC power cable for connecting the unit up to a 13.8v supply, which will then power the back light for the meter.  You don't need to power the unit to use it as the back light is optional, however I like the look of the meter illuminated, so I opted to plug it in.

AVAIR AV-201 SWR Meter.

In my set up I connected the antenna output from my HF rig to the TX connector on the back panel of the AV-201, I then connected the ANT connector on the AV-201 to the input of my Z-100 Plus ATU, the output of the Z-100 Plus being connected to my HF antenna switch, it's very easy to connect up, taking no more than a couple of minutes.

Before using the AV-201 for SWR measurements, I performed the quick calibration procedure outlined in the instruction sheet.  The Range switch was set to the 200W setting and the Function switch was set to the CAL position.  On the HF rig I set the output power to around 30W and the operating mode to FM.   On a free, quiet frequency I quickly keyed the mic, adjusting the CAL knob until the meter needle meet the CAL label on the meter scale, once the needle met the CAL mark, I stopped keying the rig ending the calibration.  I guess this step would have ideally been completed using a dummy load, however, I don't own one here at G7VGY, perhaps I should add one to the 'shopping list'!

After the initial calibration procedure had been followed, the Function switch was set to SWR and the Power switch set to FWD, setting the AV-201 up for normal use.

All in all I'm very happy with the AV-201, for around £50 it's a great buy and a useful addition to the shack. Highly recommended.

Martin Lynch


  1. Does anyone have a copy of the Avair 201 manual that they can email to me please?

    Thanks, Darryl (M6WAS)

  2. Does anyone have a copy of the Avair 201 manual that they can email to me please?

    Thanks, Darryl (M6WAS)

  3. Can you send me the introduction sheet of AVAIR AV-201. I am doing my project in the university and I don't know how to use the AVAIR AV-201 to measure the power. Can you take some photos of the instruction sheet and send them to me please.

    Many thanks,