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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

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I’ve been using an Icom IC-706 for about a year now, having been lent it by a friend who no longer made use of the rig.  I had to buy a power supply, power cable and an ATU to get going, but the generous loan of the radio enabled me to get on the air, primarily on HF, with a minimum outlay of cash.

A while later I purchased a small interface to connect up the Icom to my PC to enable me to use digital modes, and I became a fan of PSK31, this soon became my mode of choice whilst operating on HF.

Eager to buy a new rig for myself, I kept reading the advertisements in RadCom, visiting dealer websites and reading through rig reviews on the internet.  I drew up a list of requirements, what I wanted and what I didn't and then made a short list of suitable rigs.  My new rig would have to be fairly small, so that it fits in with the other kit I've got on the desk in the shack, it had to include VHF and UHF as well as the HF bands, it had to reasonably priced and it had to work with Ham Radio Deluxe.

In the end two rigs made the short list, the Icom IC-7100 and the Kenwood TS-480 SAT, however, in the end I made the decision that I was going to purchase the new Icom IC-7100, and a few weeks in, I'm glad that I did.

I won't bore you with the usual unpacking of the box review, that been covered well elsewhere.  I'll make more posts as time goes on detailing what I've been doing with the rig, from setting it up to running it with digital modes.

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  1. Hi there,
    I'm glad to hear that your decision criteria led you to the IC-7100 and that you are happy with your purchase. I'm not sure how old this post is or if you even check the comments, but I'm having trouble finding this info anywhere else.

    You see, your criteria was very close to mine and I now own the IC7100, as well. Unlike you though, I'm a complete rookie; at RF, Ham, and PC interfacing. So, I've been trying to get my rig up n running on HRD 6.2 with no luck... I have the Signalink USB hooked up for audio but I cant get rig control to work? I understand the SL-USB isn't used for Rig Ctrl Interfacing and I've tried the USB cable from Txcvr to PC, but so far nothing.

    I hope you might've gotten past all that and may possibly be able and willing to help me out? Do I need any cable or hardware, other than what came with my rig, to connect to HRD? Thanks and I hope to run into u on the air one day...

    (Believe it or not - No call yet... Tests for Gen in about 3 weeks, took Tech 2 days ago! Like I said, ROOKIE.)