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Monday, 1 September 2014

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Having found a free afternoon with some good weather I decided it would be a good time to tidy up my HF antenna installation ready for the winter season, my current set up was made in a bit of a rush just to get me on the air so could do with a bit of care and attention to get the best out of it.

My main HF antenna is an HW-20HP from M0CVO antennas, which fits nicely without any bends in my back garden, supported at one end by the house, the other end by my 20ft mast.  In addition to the HW-20HP, I have an  M0CVO 1 to 1 line isolator that I've fixed to one of my fence posts.

My fist job was to cut out my old coax and fit some new RG-8  Mini, after that I would route the cable along the garden fence and through into the shack.  Secondly, using a couple of 7mm PL259's I made up a patch lead to go from the HW-20HP to the line isolator, I then made a second patch lead to go from the line isolator to my antenna switch in the shack.  I used a piece of quality heat shrink at each connector to provide some rigidity to help prevent the coax from bending too much.

To finish the job, I fitted both of the new patch leads, and routed the cable along my fence and then into the shack.  My new patch leads were much sorter than the temporary old ones, and I've managed to remove about 20m of coax.  After a quick tune around the bands to check SWR I made all of the exposed connections watertight by using some Scotchkote Electrical Coating and self amalgamating tape.

I'm now happy that the antenna is installed as best as I can and should withstand the winter ahead without any problems.  Well that's the plan, but if the fence falls down, I'll have to start again!


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