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Tuesday, 24 February 2015

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During the week last week I overhead a few local guys chatting on 2m, and one particular subject made me listen even closer as they were talking of a local 4m net which takes place every Sunday morning at 9am.  As I've got access to the 4m band via my Icom IC-7100 I thought I would tune in and have a listen.

So on Sunday morning I popped down to the shack with a coffee, fired up the rig and had a tune around and sure enough I found a couple of stations having a natter,  I managed to copy a couple of stations, however there appeared to be twice as many other stations that I couldn't receive, so I decided not to call in but to just listen 'on the side'.

A little later on in the morning, I thought I would tune around the band again, just to see if there were any other stations on air, and that was when I came across G7RAU calling CQ Contest, CQ Contest, CQ Contest with a very strong signal, S9 +60 at least!

This time I decided that I would answer the CQ call and say hello, and to my surprise the station calling CQ was Dave G7RAU who lives around 5 minutes and less than a couple of miles away from my QTH here on the Isle of Wight!

It turns out that I had made contact with Dave as he was taking part in the RSGB 70 MHz Cumulative Contest #1 which I had no idea about, but I was glad to be able to add to his log, even though the QSO won't add much to the DX score!!


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