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Wednesday, 25 February 2015

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I'd be lost without the Internet at home, so when my wifi router packed up last night I was less than happy!  No browsing, no updating my blog, no watching catch up tv, and no QRZ lookup's.  I had no other option but to head to bed early with a brew and the latest RadCom to read.

Fresh from a relaxing sleep, and at work bright eyed after a chilly crossing of the Solent to get to work, I sent an email to my local Internet Service Provider to inform them of my connectivity problems and a few hours later I had an email back.

I'd be pleased to learn, they told me, that I could either have a new wifi router sent to my home, or I could pop in after work to collect one.  Hows that for service I thought?

Not wanting to wait for the post, I opted to call in on my way home from work to collect the router, when I arrived at reception I was meet by a member of support staff clutching a new router, with a sticky note on it saying, plug and play, all settings were pre configured and I'd have no problems.

Once home I popped the kettle on and made a brew, then disconnected the old wifi router and plugged in the new one, and sure enough a few moments later I was back online, both wired and wireless.  Happy with progress so far, I logged into the settings page of the router and changed the SSID and wireless password, rebooted and reconnected and all was well.

I can't say how happy I am with the service offered by my ISP, being all fixed and back online within 24 hours is superb, I'm really glad I chose a local ISP as apposed to a national provider, I might be paying a little bit more per month for my 30MB fibre connection, but it is money well spent as far as I'm concerned.  I enjoy a fast connection, excellent customer service and I'm helping support a local company who are providing local jobs. What can be better than that?

For those on the Isle of Wight, I highly recommend Wightfibre as an ISP!


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