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Tuesday, 3 March 2015

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Like most people I guess, I just don’t have enough space for all of the radio kit I’d like, even though I'm very lucky to have a shack in the home office at the bottom of the garden, the layout wasn't great and storage space was limited. 

A new layout was needed, so I sat down with a brew and had a long think about how best to organise things so that I had a nice operating position, a desk with space to construct things on, somewhere to put my PC, and somewhere to set up all of my radio bits and pieces.  I also had to fit in all of my tools, step ladders, and general garden items such as hose pipes, spades and suchlike.

In the end the best arrangement I could think of was to build a desk that runs from one side of the shack to the other, at a length of 195 cm and a depth of 65 cm, this being slightly narrower than the current one.  In addition, I thought two shelves above the desk would be great, as I could put kit up on one and books, magazines etc on the other, leaving more of the desk free.

With my plan in my head, and my measurements on the back of an envelope I headed off to B&Q to buy some wood, and as luck would have it, they sold a sheet of MDF that was almost perfect, only a few cuts would be needed to cut out the desk and the two shelves.  I took advantage of the free wood cutting service at the store, knowing full well that I wouldn't have any chance of cutting the wood straight myself!  I also bout some wood for putting up as baton to support the desk, the front of the desk would be supported by two wooden legs, which were bought as balusters.

I already had all of the brackets and supports that I needed for the shelves, so luckily I didn't need to purchase those, meaning that for less than £30 I had everything I needed for the project.

A slight issue getting the desk and shelves into the car, but we won’t go into that here, we’ll pick up the story back at home with the wood in the shack…

With all the bits I needed to get started in once place, I dismantled all of the kit on my desk and put that to one side, I then took the desk apart and put that outside.  Luckily, I’d measured the height of the old desk so that I could work out where I had to put the baton, so that the new desk was at the same height.

Baton cut and fixed to the walls, I then set about fixing up the shelve supports, checking levels as I went!  Once those were in position and secured I slotted the first shelf into place, then the second and checked my levels again, luckily all was well, and everything was nice and level and the shelves a perfect fit, running the full width of the shack.

Finally, I slotted the desk into place, and that fitted like a dream too!  Enough work for one day I thought, so I left the putting stuff back into place for another day.

I’ll detail that in another post…


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