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Sunday, 1 March 2015

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A blustery and wet Saturday night last night along the South Coast, but not as bad as other parts of the country, especially up north.  Ideal conditions to sit indoors with the log fire burning away and a glass or two of wine!

Not wanting to miss out on radio stuff, I left WSPR running again overnight on 40m, now it's just before 8am on Sunday morning and I'm in the shack checking progress.  It seems that I've had my usual mix of mainly European and East Cost US spots, with a few new ones, TF3HZ in Iceland, 4Z4TJ in Israel and NJ6D in Tucson, Phoenix, US at a distance of 8506 km.

I'm going to be busy in the house today with a few odd jobs that need finishing, so not too much time to play radio which is a shame, but I'll leave WSPR running just to see how day time spotting goes!


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